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Similar Organizations

There are similar organizations whose efforts fund development in addition to Haiku, Inc. Most notably are Haikuware and the Haiku Support Association (english).


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Haikuware organizes a bounties program. Haikuware's bounties allow individuals to donate money directly to a specific development task. A person will claim the bounty and collect the money upon its completetion. In the event where a bounty expires for one reason or another, Haikuware does its best to ensure that all respective donors are given the opportunity to redirect their individual donations.

The bounties focus on tangible end results, with a more flexible time frame. This allows a person to pursue the bounty alongside other daily obligations, such as a regular day job.

As such, Haikuware's bounties and Haiku, Inc.'s contracts complement each other to fill different desires.

Haiku Support Association

Haiku Support Association logo
The Haiku Support Association (HSA) is a registered association of users and developers of Haiku®. HSA was originally named BeFan e.V. and was founded during the BeOS days. It is based in Germany and has members from Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. Its primary objective is organizing the BeGeistert event and its associated CodeSprint. More information about membership and how to join is available at their website.