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Funded Development

Infrastructure provided by Haiku, Inc.

As an open-source project, Haiku®'s visibility and presence on the internet is vital to its existence, growth, and reputation. Ensuring high quality services to the Haiku Project is the most essential item for receiving funds.

Some weeks before the release of Haiku R1/Alpha 1, a commitment was made to overhaul the infrastructure that provides key services to the Project. Leading up to this, there had been numerous service issues with the previous shared hosting plan and free source code repository. These issues ranged from unexplainable slowdowns to even occasional downtime. In a few words, the needs of the Project were outgrowing its shoes and an upgrade was desired.

Dedicated Server

Through discussions on the haiku-development mailing list, it was decided to acquire an EX4 dedicated server with Hetzner. This increased the hosting costs from roughly $300/year to $900/year; however it has been worth every cent.

To supplement the provided backup space, two project members provide off-site backup storage. These backups automatically occur on a nightly basis and ensure a greater level of redundancy to avoid worst-case data-loss scenarios

As an anecdote, Hetzner Online has a regard for environmental protection and has committed to reducing CO2 emissions.

Domain names

These are the domains, which are paid by Haiku, Inc.

Project sites

These are the websites that are actively maintained by the Project.

3rd Party Sites

In some cases, hosting is provided to third-parties who provide key services to the project.